Our Staff - Regional Directors, Trainers and Interns

Regional Directors
Currently we have three Regional Directors
Regional Director for Russia
Regional Director for Ukraine, Moldova and Baltics
Regional Director for Central Asia and Armenia

Our Interns

The strength of this effort is the remarkable national leaders. These dynamic men and women will identify, train and supervise interns while receiving experiential education which will equip them to run indigenous training programs in their own nations in the years ahead. Both senior leaders and interns will receive two years of the best field ministry training Young Life has to offer, with the goal of leveraging this mentor training to establish strong training sites throughout the Former Soviet Union.
These interns have begun growing disciples, connected to the larger community of faith and serve as outstanding volunteer Young Life leaders in the spirit of II Timothy 2:2. The 12 elder senior leaders (area directors) of Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan serve as the mentors and coaches and will be equipped during this two-year program to run their own “graduate schools for Christ” for future staff interns.
At the conclusion of the two-year program, we will establish five ongoing training sites in Moscow or St. Petersburg, Russia; Chernovtsy, Ukraine; Astana, Kazakhstan; Minsk, Belarus and Yerevan, Armenia.
The timing of the establishment of these training sites is crucial as this generation of leaders will be the last who share the Russian language. Emerging leaders in many of these countries have been separated from Russian rule since 1989, no longer share Russian as a second language. The training we have been able to do on a regional scale using that tongue will soon no longer be as easily accomplished. So we are seeking to build these regional training programs in native tongues in each of these five countries.

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