Russia and the Former Soviet Union

OUR HISTORY - The dissolution of the Soviet Union created a void of opportunity in Russia and the other 14 former Soviet states. As government systems failed, a wake of hopelessness and desperation rippled through each region that particularly affected the young. Alcoholism, drug abuse, poverty, and fragile governments created a climate of hopelessness.

With great concern for young people, civic leaders from the region desired to provide new opportunities and invited their American friends to help reach out to the troubled youth. After a series of dialogues, Young Life was asked to work in Russia. The Parsons responded to that call. After serving Young Life in the United States from 1978, Gary, Jeanne and their three daughters moved to Moscow in 1992. Once there, Gary and Jeanne set off to recruit and disciple young leaders who shared a common vision to reach the young.
More than 20 years later, Young Life’s ministry has expanded into 11 of the 15 countries in addition to traditional Young Life style outreach, this ministry identifies special needs including orphanage clubs, homeless and street youth programs, and clubs for deaf and disabled young people. Purchased or rented ministry centers become gathering places throughout the week, providing mentoring, skills training, Internet access, sports ministry and, above all, a safe place for all kids.

Today, there is a growing family of staff and volunteer leaders from each country who passionately share this vision of offering hope through the love of Jesus Christ. Their enthusiasm for Christ and the youth of their nations is contagious and continues to draw more leaders each year. Jesus Christ brings hope, joy and a future, and this we know is true.

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