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Ani Brutyan

Ani was first introduced to Young Life in 2006 while living in the same apartment building as Arman and L​ilit, Regional Directors in Armenia. Through their friendship Ani began attending Young Life and accepted Jesus at camp.
Aram Gevorgyan

Aram had already been a Young Life club kid for five years when a personal visit by his leader led him to open his heart to Jesus and make a commitment. Now Aram is part of a team of leaders in a new area of Yerevan called Shengavit.
Aram Meliqyan

Aram became a believer after attending his first Young Life camp when he was 19. Local leaders befriended and helped disciple his passion to follow Jesus.
Arman Asatryan

Arman grew up during a very difficult time in Armenia's history. The dissolution of the Soviet Union led to a dark and cold time in his country, and he felt little hope.
Arsen Harutyunyan

Arsen came to know Jesus at a Young Life camp in 2006. As he grew in his faith he also grew in his desire to join the ministry of Young Life.
Arsen Sargsyan

Arsen grew up going to church, but it wasn’t until he was attending the Yerevan University and asking questions about his faith that he personally got to know God. He joined the Young Life staff in 2015.
Lilit Asatryan

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Lilit felt her life was turned upside down. She was looking for something to depend on when she heard about Jesus.
Narek Ayvazyan

Narek was first drawn to Young Life because of the friendships he developed. He met Jesus as his friend in 2009.
Narine Manucharyan

Narine remembers feeling like she had every reason to be happy as a child, but still an emptiness persisted. It wasn’t until she met Jesus through Young Life that she felt loved and complete.
Rushan Arsenyan

Rushan was active in his village church and came to Young Life through their flute club. Now he teaches other kids to play the flute, builds friendships with them, and invites them to Young Life.
Sergey Sargsyan

In 2009 Sergey was invited to a Young Life winter camp. He liked how kind the leaders were to him and the interesting things that were discussed.
Tereza Brutyan

Tereza grew up going to church with her grandmother. She remembers fondly the Bible stories she would hear.
Vardan Balyan

Vardan came to know the Lord when he prayed and his daughter was healed. Since that day, Vardan has kept his promise to follow God with all of his life.
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Rustam Mailov

Rustam is the area director for Young Life in Georgia, a country just south of Russia and north of Armenia. Rustam was born in Tarkmenistan but moved to Georgia with his mom when his dad left them for another family.
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Due to persecution in this area of the world, we do not list our staff. Please contact the Former Soviet Union Divisional Office for further information.

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Due to persecution in this area of the world, we do not list our staff. Please contact the Former Soviet Union Divisional Office for further information.

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Olya Kuriats

Olya Kuriats grew up going to church and began a personal relationship with Jesus after attending Young Life clubs and camps. After high school, Olya dedicated herself to God's plan for her life.
Alyona Mulyar

Alyona was born in Chernovtsy, Ukraine, raised in a Christian home and learned about God’s love for her at a young age. Life was good, but Alyona was one of 10 kids in her family and things were not easy financially.
Natalie Nitsoryan

While attending a Bible school in Ukraine, Natalie Nitsoryan had a great sense that God must have a plan for her to use all that she was learning. When a Young Life leader from Latvia visited her church and talked about the great blessings and opportunities to reach lost and neglected kids in her country, Natalie knew that was her invitation.
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Fiodor (Ted) Siceak

Fiodor (Ted) Siceak was born in Chisinau, Moldova, to a hard-working family. In high school, Ted played handball for the national team of Moldova, and he thought this sport would be his future.
Lena Siceak

Lena was 18 years old and tired of living a lie. She wanted something that would help her so that her heart would no longer feel condemned for lying.
Natalia Pascal

Natalia came to know Jesus while attending Young Life in Ukraine as a teenager. She naturally grew into a leadership role there and joined the Developing Global Leaders (DGL) program in 2010.
Oleg Turcan

Oleg grew up attending church with his mom and when he was 12, he accepted Jesus. In 2015, as a 28-​year-old serving in his church, Oleg was introduced to Young Life and was drawn to the special way the ministry reached teenagers.
Sergei Romanyuk

As a teenager, Sergei wrestled with the issue of death and feared the unknown. Those worries went with him as he joined the army, got married and began raising his family.
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Aleksey Romanenko

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Andrey Taran

Though Andrey was raised in a non-Christian family, he remembers his mom praying for him before a surgery for kidney failure. God answered her prayers, but the family remained atheists.
Artur and family - Abkhazia.jpg
Artur Cholakyan

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Dasha Lapuka

Dasha was a university student when her younger brother invited her to a Young Life club. She was immediately attracted to the leaders in ministry.
Evgeny Pisarev

When Evgeny was 12, his brother invited him to join a wrestling group of Christian young men. It was the beginning of great friendships as he joined them at Young Life club and camp.
Irina Zhukovskaya

Irina grew up attending church with her mom, and even though her dad often forbade her to go, Irina went to camp and youth meetings whenever she could. When Irina was 17, she got involved in Young Life and the caring friendships, camp and small group, encouraged Irina to devote her life to Jesus.
Liza Moskalkova

Liza came to know the Lord when she was 16 and was invited to a Young Life camp. She was grateful to be surrounded by loving relationships when her father passed away shortly after camp.
Mansur Razzakov

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Marina Melnikova

Marina grew up in Christian home. From the time she was little, she went to Sunday school and learned about God. Marina accepted Christ at a teenage camp, and vividly remembers the feeling that from now on, God had her life and was going to use it for His glory.
Nastya Grinevay

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Oleg Boev

Oleg was raised by a Christian family in Lipetsk, Russia, but when he was 16, he grew disappointed in God and left his family to live on his own. A Young Life leader visiting from Ukraine to start Young Life in Lipetsk, invited Oleg to live with him.
Sergei Petrenko

Sergei was a lonely teenager, but that all changed when he joined a wrestling team and made friends who invited him to Young Life club. Sergei found himself drawn to the activities at Young Life and when he was told about Jesus and how He was the one who could change lives, Sergei knew he wanted Jesus in his life.
Sergey Zhdanov

Sergey was born in Uzbekistan and raised by a single mom. He never knew his father, nor did he know God.
Sukhrab Svietonosov

Because of his drug use, Sukhrab was imprisoned at the age of 15, and he thought his life was ruined. But in 2007, Sukhrab found himself in a Christian rehabilitation center and met Jesus.
Svetlana Mozias

Svetlana was raised in a loving home as her dad served in the USSR army in Lithuania. When Lithuania separated from the Soviet Union, Svetlana’s family returned to their hometown, Krasnodar.
Zhenya Pustoshkina

Zhenya grew up as an only child in a loving home with wonderful parents who did not speak about God. She attended a camp when she was 15 — it happened to be the first Young Life camp ever held in Russia.
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Iryna Utkina

Iryna grew up in a home with an alcoholic father and then an abusive step-father and came to the conclusion that she would be better off never having a family of her own. She avoided being home as much as possible and spent her time on the streets with friends, feeling hopeless.
Natasha Tsurkan

Natasha remembers being invited to Young Life club many times before finally saying yes to attending a Young Life summer camp in 2001. Camp was an amazing experience for Natasha, and it was there she first encountered Jesus as a friend, not a strict and distant God.
Oleg Kravetsky

When Oleg was about eight years old, his family began to attend church and came to know God. Though his dad was instrumental in leading the family to church, his alcoholism eventually broke the family apart.
Olga Martsenyuk

Olga was led to God as a teenager through the example of her mother. She became involved with Young Life in 1995 and has served in many roles.
Pavel Soloshenko

Pavel grew up in a Christian family, but as a teen, he hung out with kids on the street who taught him to drink and smoke. When Pavel became ill, his pastor prayed for him.
Sasha Golovata

Sasha grew up hearing about God, but not knowing Him. When she was 12, she was offered a camp scholarship and attended summer camps for many years; at one of those camps Sasha accepted Christ into her heart.
Sasha Gusakov

Sasha remembers a difficult childhood — he was bullied at school and had an alcoholic father at home. In college, he had a friend who connected him to Young Life, and his life was never the same.
Tanya Nasedkina

When Tanya was four years old, her parents were killed in a car accident. Her aunt and uncle raised her and her sister, but she always missed having her parent’s love and questioned why God would allow such tragedy.
Vadim Isopesku

As a child, Vadim attended church with his believing grandmother. He was aware of God’s work in his heart at an early age, and at 11 years old, he decided to follow Jesus.
Volodimir Grigorchuk

Volodimir grew up knowing about Jesus and attended Young Life clubs as a young teen. However, as he grew older, he decided to forget about God and his church friends and began drinking with the "cool" crowd of kids.
Volodimir Lazarev

Volodimir came to know the Lord reading through the Bible, and he accepted Jesus as Savior in 1999. Since then he has become involved with Young Life leading Capernaum, WyldLife, YoungLives, and Young Life College.
Yana Sirkova

Yana was born into a typical family where her dad was a tractor driver and her mom a cook. Her childhood was carefree and happy. Sometimes she visited church with her grandmother and she prayed to God when her dad began drinking alcohol.
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Due to persecution in this area of the world, we do not list our staff. Please contact the Former Soviet Union Divisional Office for further information.

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