Alyona Mulyar


​​Country: Latvia

City: Riga

Alyona was born in Chernovtsy, Ukraine, raised in a Christian home and learned about God’s love for her at a young age. Life was good, but Alyona was one of 10 kids in her family and things were not easy financially.

Alyona remembers the pressure of living under the Soviet regime. A parcel of Bibles were smuggled in, and​ Alyona received her first Bible when she was nine years old. “I loved and valued that Book and still have it, but my parents warned us not to tell others that we had Bibles.”

When Alyona turned 13, she realized that she needed a Savior, and two years later, Alyona attended her first Young Life camp. She remembers crazy games, and the way the love of Jesus Christ was shared in an interesting and intimate way! Alyona became involved with Young Life, volunteering as a leader and translator. As she saw how God could use her in these ways, Alyona felt called to work for Young Life.

In 2014 she was led to Latvia, where her leadership and relational skills are very much needed. She is living in Riga and has developed many relationships with community and church leaders, volunteers and kids, “I have found my place in ministry” she says.


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