Andrey Taran

​​Country: Russia
City: Novocherkassk

Though Andrey was raised in a non-Christian family, he remembers his mom praying for him before a surgery for kidney failure. God answered her prayers, but the family remained atheists. When Andrey was 28, his father died, and Andrey began asking questions about the purpose for life.
He looked to the church for answers and found his answers in a relationship with Christ. He got involved in church, and eventually his wife too became a Christian.

One day friends from Ukraine came to direct the first Young Life camp in Novocherkassk and asked Andrey to help with the planning. It was in that process that Andrey sensed God's call for him to become involved with Young Life. Now Andrey serves as the area director in Novocherkassk and praises God for the many opportunities Young Life has brought to him and his family.


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