Dasha Lapuka

​​Country: Russia
City: Lipetsk

Dasha was a university student when her younger brother invited her to a Young Life club. She was immediately attracted to the leaders in ministry. Her new friends invited her to church, prayer times and Bible study, and soon she started to sense God calling her into ministry with Young Life. Her parents joined her at church and soon they too accepted Jesus.

Dasha began regularly volunteering at club and in 2006, she attended a leaders’ conference in Moscow. It was a great experience meeting others who do similar work, and she decided to dedicate her future to working with Young Life. In 2011, God called Dasha to focus on ministry with special need kids. She really feels like Jesus specifically picked her for this role! It is physically and emotionally demanding, but she finds it exceptionally worthwhile to make sure that every kid experiences Jesus’ love and care.


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