Marina Melnikova

Marina Melnikova.JPG
​​Country: Russia
City: Voronezh

Marina grew up in Christian home. From the time she was little, she went to Sunday school and learned about God. Marina accepted Christ at a teenage camp, and vividly remembers the feeling that from now on, God had her life and was going to use it for His glory.

When Marina was 16, she went to Young Life club for the first time in Lipetsk, where she met many of the Young Life leaders. She had never seen this before — a crowd of teenagers, all of them having fun, talking and hearing about Jesus Christ.

Marina started to come to club, was invited to Young Life winter camp, and took her friends from Voronezh with her. After camp, she came back home, knowing that she needed to start a Young Life club in her city. God has provided the team with volunteers, resources, desire and helps them every day to serve the youth in Voronezh.


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