Natalie Nitsoryan


​​Country: Latvia

City: Riga​

While attending a Bible school in Ukraine, Natalie Nitsoryan had a great sense that God must have a plan for her to use all that she was learning. When a Young Life leader from Latvia visited her church and talked about the great blessings and opportunities to reach lost and neglected kids in her country, Natalie knew that was her invitation. Natalie was encouraged to pray, and then come and visit.

In the months since meeting that leader, Alyona, Natalie has done just that — and she has also served in Young Life camps and received additional training and preparation. Natalie is now living in Latvia, and has begun to serve alongside Alyona reaching the kids who need the hope of Jesus. Latvia is a new field of ministry, and Natalie will bring much needed support and encouragement to the work already begun there.​


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