Oleg Kravetsky

​​Country: Ukraine
City: Zaporozhe

When Oleg was about eight years old, his family began to attend church and came to know God. Though his dad was instrumental in leading the family to church, his alcoholism eventually broke the family apart.

As a teenager, Oleg began to understand that life without God brings destruction, but with Him, there is salvation. Oleg sensed God calling him to full-time ministry and when he was introduced to Young Life, he knew right away this was what he wanted to do.

Since beginning Young Life in Zaporozhe in 2011, Oleg now directs three leadership teams of 50 volunteers. He is married to his beautiful wife, Oksana, and they have two daughters, Erica and Caroline. Oleg leads his team to pray, work with local churches, and believe that God's greatest work in Zaporozhe is still ahead.


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