Sasha Golovata

​​​​Country: Ukraine
City: Chernivtsi

Sasha grew up hearing about God, but not knowing Him. When she was 12, she was offered a camp scholarship and attended summer camps for many years; at one of those camps Sasha accepted Christ into her heart. She also began attending clubs and going to church, but felt a lacking in disicpleship. It wasn’t until she attended university and was invited to a Young Life camp that she found support to grow in her faith. Sasha says that truly was the best week of her life! And best of all, no one forgot about her. She was invited to come to clubs, help and even study the Bible with the leader’s wife.

Sasha recommitted her life to Christ and began serving in Young Life. Her ministry focus is to help struggling young women by introducing them to Jesus. Sasha loves being a part of Young Life in Chernivtsi — caring for and loving kids into a relationship with Jesus.


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