Sasha Gusakov

​​​​Country: Ukraine
City: Khmelnitsky

Sasha remembers a difficult childhood — he was bullied at school and had an alcoholic father at home. In college, he had a friend who connected him to Young Life, and his life was never the same. Young Life was his first experience of friendship and love, and he never wanted to go home! In 2004, Sasha went to camp and while looking up into the stars, he asked God for forgiveness; he remembers instant relief. Sasha became involved in Young Life ministry and was soon offered a staff position.

Though newly married and starting a family, Sasha left his well-paying job to devote himself to full-time ministry. Sasha wants to offer his experience of transformation to young people all across Ukraine. Sasha is the area director in the city of Khmelnitsky where Young Life is growing at an incredible pace, reaching even more kids with the love of God.


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