Sergei Petrenko

​​Country: Russia
City: Krasnodar

Sergei was a lonely teenager, but that all changed when he joined a wrestling team and made friends who invited him to Young Life club. Sergei found himself drawn to the activities at Young Life and when he was told about Jesus and how He was the one who could change lives, Sergei knew he wanted Jesus in his life.

As the months went by, Sergei experienced a new concern for his friends who did not know Christ and he wanted to introduce them to God. Now Sergei is a part of the leadership team of Young Life Krasnodar. Sergei recognizes opportunity for growth in this large city, but also knows the importance of developing new leaders to further this work. Pray for Sergei and his wife as they begin their own little family, and as they continue to grow Young Life ministry in Krasnodar.


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