Sergei Romanyuk

Country: Moldova
Far West Region

As a teenager, Sergei wrestled with the issue of death and feared the unknown. Those worries went with him as he joined the army, got married and began raising his family. Then some co-workers invited him to a Bible study where Sergei formed relationships and heard stories about Jesus. Over time, Sergei realized that though he was a sinner, Jesus offered him salvation and eternal life. His long-time fears were erased!

Shortly after becoming a Christian, Sergei was asked to help with a Young Life camp for street kids, and his desire to be involved with Young Life ministry grew from there. Sergei’s heart is for young people to come to know Jesus at an early age so they can avoid some of the fears and life mistakes that he went through.

Now Sergei lives in Chernivtsy, Ukraine, and serves as the regional director for the Far West in countries like Moldova and Belarus. Pray for Sergei as he trains up a new generation of leaders in this area of the world.

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