Sergey Zhdanov

​​​​Country: Russia
City: Moscow

Sergey was born in Uzbekistan and raised by a single mom. He never knew his father, nor did he know God. At 14, Sergey was a street kid, already stealing, drinking, smoking and getting into trouble with the police. At 15 some Christians came to his neighborhood and showed the movie “Jesus,” and it moved him to ask Jesus to be his Savior.

Sergey began going to church and discovered the world of God’s love and mercy. He moved to Moscow to find a job and started going to Young Life club and met leaders and friends.

Sergey felt immediately called to be a Young Life leader, and volunteered for four years before he was asked to serve on staff in 2010. Sergey was involved in the Developing Global Leaders program and took classes that assisted him with his ministry in Young Life. He feels very blessed to be the area director for Moscow and the city of Tula, bringing the kids in his country to Christ!


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