Sukhrab Svietonosov

​​​​Country: Russia
City: Novokuznetsk

Because of his drug use, Sukhrab was imprisoned at the age of 15, and he thought his life was ruined. But in 2007, Sukhrab found himself in a Christian rehabilitation center and met Jesus.

Sukhrab’s path eventually led him to meet Young Life leaders from the Former Soviet Union who introduced him to their ministry. Sukhrab says his heart was captured! Sukhrab began attending leader trainings and started the first Young Life club in southwestern Siberia. Sukhrab was already active with a sports ministry, so he has many connections in this part of Russia. This area is a critical place for ministry as it is the middle of a heroin-trafficking pipeline into Europe and beyond.

Reaching out to kids to give them another option for life is the focus for Sukhrab and his fellow leaders. There are six active clubs in Siberia now, but Sukhrab’s hope is to continue growing until every city in Siberia has a Young Life club.

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