Svetlana Mozias

​​Country: Russia
City: Krasnodar

Svetlana was raised in a loving home as her dad served in the USSR army in Lithuania. When Lithuania separated from the Soviet Union, Svetlana’s family returned to their hometown, Krasnodar. As she finished high school there, Svetlana attended her first Young Life club and accepted Jesus. Her family didn’t understand her new involvement in religion, but Svetlana grew in her faith and began to volunteer with Young Life.

She attended the university and received her degree in linguistics. Svetlana is now married and raising a beautiful little girl in St. Petersburg where she serves as the regional administrator for Young Life Russia.

She says, “I feel so blessed to be the voice of our wonderful ministry, helping Russian stories and newsletters to be translated into English. Often I feel as if I'm present at every camp I receive stories about, and know every DGL student as I translate their reports.”

Svetlana will be an integral part of the FSU divisional growth as we hire and train new administrators for the other regions.


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