Yana Sirkova

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​​​​Country: Ukraine
City: Khmelnytskyi

Yana was born into a typical family where her dad was a tractor driver and her mom a cook. Her childhood was carefree and happy. Sometimes she visited church with her grandmother and she prayed to God when her dad began drinking alcohol. Yana's family relationships deteriorated as her dad's dependence on alcohol increased.

When Yana was a teenager, she didn’t have close friends. At age 16, she attended a high school which was far from home. Because of the distance, she was unaware of how bad the situation at home had become. Her dad died of a heart attack when Yana was 18. Prior to his death, her relationship with her dad was poor, and she felt guilty because she did not appreciate him.

In 2015, Yana visited her first Young Life club and met Tanya, a leader who became a good friend to Yana. Tanya was interested in Yana's life, and they always had something to talk about, especially God. Then at 19, Yana went to Winter Camp and decided to begin a relationship with God — a serious and thought-through relationship. At camp, she heard truth about God that she didn't know before. She began to notice God in her life and looked to Him and Jesus' example in her daily life.

Today Yana is living out her calling by serving college students through Young Life College. She loves the students at club and particularly "her girls." She feels that God is using her in their lives and on the Young Life team. Yana speaks English, and as the popularity of learning English increases in the Ukraine, she is using her fluency to hold free English lessons for students at a local college. As she coaches them in English, she builds relationships with the students. 

Yana's favorite Bible verse is "And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28). Yana is a great asset to Young Life Ukraine as she loves God and serves according to His purpose.


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