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Hello Friends!
We wanted to share with you our news of the orphanage ministry and all that is going on with these kids. We visit with them every Saturday, talk to them, play and have clubs with them. Couple of weeks ago, we were in the orphanage when conversations began with the older girls about life and purpose of their lives. They seemed to be very interested and asked to continue our talks. I shared some stories of my life which opened their hearts up and they were eager to talk, finally asking if they could come to church with us. So, we have arranged to go with them to the morning service. I talked to their weekend tutors about taking them out and they let four of them go with me. All the way there, they were very shy and very quiet but they liked the church service so much and want to go again. Afterwards we went to small pizza place and had great lunch and amazing conversation, talking about their plans, dreams and thoughts.

Movie Night at the Ophanage

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Yesterday we took the video projector and a movie Madagaskar 2, it is new and really funny. They wanted to see it so much. We tried to take them to the movie theater but to pay for all of them would be way too much, so we thought we would take them to the club and show that movie here, but there were 100 of them last Saturday! We couldn't drive them all here with just one van – so we are working on ways to get them out of the orphanage on weekends.  We pray for transportation and money for trolley.  They loved that we came to them and were very grateful that we brought the funny movie to show them. We want to do something like this again soon.
Please, pray that God would give us time and opportunity and would provide donors, local donors to support this ministry. And for you, dear friends, we want to ask that you would pray for us, for the team, that God would give us ideas, that we would be more faithful, MORE LOVING.
Also, kids need many things there - pray for donors and for good program and presents for them during Christmas and New Year holidays.  Please pray that we might build strong friendship with them and help them to know Jesus Christ....May God bless you this Christmastime and New Year!

With love from Alyona and the leaders of the orphanage ministry

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