You Were Made For This.

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Teens in the Former Soviet Union are looking for hope and belonging. We love them, introduce them to Jesus—and disciple the next generation of leaders.

Young people in the Former Soviet Union face challenges — getting an education, finding a job, helping their families. They live with political instability and corruption, limited resources, drugs and alcohol. They ask the same questions teenagers around the world ask: Who am I? Do I matter? Our leaders tell them they’re loved and have a purpose.


Who We Are

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Young Life

You Were Made for This.

Young Life was made for the Former Soviet Union. Since launching in Moscow nearly 30 years ago, Young Life has grown rapidly, reaching kids in a growing number of countries. We have done this by reaching one kid at a time.

Go & Serve


Travel and serve alongside local Young Life staff and volunteers, get a firsthand glimpse of the Young Life ministry in an international setting, and encounter Christ in a profound and powerful way. Find out more.

Developing Global Leaders

The leaders in the Former Soviet Union love Jesus and love the kids in their countries. They are committed, loving, hard-working and faithful. In some areas of the world, leaders pursue kids even in the face of persecution. Many are in the Developing Global Leaders program. Learn how you can support one of our DGL students in The Former Soviet Union.


Ministry in the FSU includes kids of middle school and high school age, along with those with disabilities, orphans and teen moms. Find out more.

Where To Find Us

You Were Made for This.


Young Life starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship.

Share your gifts and connect with staff and leaders in the Former Soviet Union on a service trip.

Your support is crucial. Your donation helps areas hire and train staff and provide essential administrative support to the area. Your contributions can also help send kids to Young Life camps.

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